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  • Listening to: Two steps from hell and E.S Posthumus
  • Reading: lots and lots of textbooks..seriously.
  • Watching: Life on Mars, cat vids
  • Playing: Mass effect and dragon age
  • Eating: cake..err, not sure what kind.
  • Drinking: good ol' orange juice
Call me a "left out" or whatever..Since I have my hands on two of Bioware's masterpieces, I become a fanatic (well, almost..:blush:). It's good to dream of dragons and space at the same time..
  • Listening to: myself, ranting non-stop
  • Reading: the wrinkles on my friend's face
  • Watching: Bleach (still the fave)
  • Playing: Left for dead 1&2, crayon physics.
  • Eating: your heart out!
  • Drinking: rain droplets falling from the sky....
The year of the tiger seemed to be bringing a couple of misfortune to the pig:nirvana:. I was clumped up with my final degree years and, Boy! I tell you..Those work piles come in dozens and almost buried me alive:blush:. The good thing for me this year is my brand new laptop :w00t:. Now, I can play all the games that I dreamt of playing...:evil:. Nothing change really (except my grandpa's sick). Other than that, I'm still the die-hard Ulquihime fan just like the year before...:peace:. I will try to lift my heavy ass in gear this year to produce more art in this page (thou, I cannot promise). Frankly, in this meaningless blabbering (which I am good for), I am extremely bored with my fixed routine of my life.
Oh, not to forget!:hmm:I received a rumor from a BleachAsylum forum member of Ulquiorra is going back from the dead :wtf:. At first, I was like, "What?!", and then, there are possibilities. It made me looking forward to read on every new Bleach chapters than before. Okay, stop now eith my fangirlish rants. I'm ending this with a wish of good year and "CIAO"..:-):blowkiss:
  • Listening to: rain droplets hitting on my gutter
  • Reading: Jane Austen's Emma? seriously...
  • Watching: Bleach..(Fall heads over heels on Ulqui-chan)
  • Playing: Hear this. World of Goo! Damn fun.
  • Eating: PJ sandwinches and noodle soup.
  • Drinking: Need more plain water.
Have read the newest entry of the Bleach manga chapter 351. Couldn't say I'm happy though. My newest favourite character, aside of the midget Captain Toushiro of course, Ulquiorra is about to get killed by Ichigo :no:. I haven't get enough of him since his appearance in the older chaps when he kidnapped Orihime..:giggle:. Anyway, I gotta finished my Gastronomy assignment on cruelty of Foie gras. You guys should have see how those people treated the ducks before slaughtering them :dead:. Absolutely cruel and heartless!! (Let's say collecting those innocent ducklings in a plastic bag and crushing them to death with their knees ain't a pretty sight).
Until next time, Chio!!!:bye:
  • Listening to: the sound of nature
  • Reading: all of Garth Nix's books
  • Watching: Vampire knight
  • Playing: Resident Evil 4
  • Eating: mmm...pudding.
  • Drinking: black coffee, please?
Firstly, I want to apologize for being absent and the sudden hiatus of my deviant page. Life moves on to all of us and here I am, trying to submit everything I put my effort to.
Thanks to everyone, who had dropped by and watched my deviant page. A thousand thanks and hugs!:hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:
Oh, and this year will be my final year in campus. I'll be graduated next year. Yes! More time for making artworks and taking pictures:w00t:. Not to forget, a clear chance and reason to buy an Xbox 360:).
  • Listening to: The holy words of Surah Yassin..
  • Reading: The surah yassin
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Not in the mood for playing..
  • Eating: Barely eating........
  • Drinking: Just water.....
        The moments that you'll think to be long lasting are actually shorter than expected. It felt like yesterday when he just attended our classes and bugging the girls with his antiques. All of us did not expect it to be his last goodbyes. It happened so suddenly that none of us could not believe the grave news of his death.
       He died from a severe head injury in a horrible car accident. The car he drove that very day, wrecked beyond recognition. The sad thing is he died on his bestfriend's birthday. I cried a lot that night. He was like a little brother to me, whining his constant family problems, wishing someone could lend an ear to listen. He was a nice and considerate young man...
      May his soul ever rest in peace. From here, let us give our prayers to Anwar Rashidi, in his rememberance of a true friendship...Al-fatihah:pray:.

His pict
  • Listening to: Aeris no theme from FF7AD
  • Reading: Halo trilogy
  • Watching: Mmm..south park the movie?
  • Playing: The elder scrolls 4: Oblivion.
  • Eating: I'm roasting duck!!Yay!
  • Drinking: A steamy hot coffee...
  I have downloaded Oblivion and Morrowind to my brand new laptop. Now, I'm buying neverwinter nights and the newest C&C dvd. My computer will going to blow up from overloading...:evillaugh:.
  This month alone, I will be satied by dozens of good animes from Animax. Ahh...the good ol' semester's holidays.
  • Listening to: My goodbyes by Saliva
  • Reading: My restaurant operation manual.."sob"
  • Watching: The forbidden siren
  • Playing: The sims 2...It's hilarious!
  • Eating: Roasted beef with shallot sauce..hmm
  • Drinking: Virgin Mary..
     This semester is quite pack with cramming classes. My head is full with ideas. But, I'm lack with a trusty tablet:sadangel:. This holiday I will go to the big city of Kuala Lumpur to buy one. I 'm really looking forward for next week!!!:w00t:
  It suprises me that when I opened this site. Hey, a new upgrade!!!:w00t:
Cool!!! Now, I felt much more easier on browsing my all time favourites and checking my messages.
   This month alone, I am busy in keeping up with my schedule and studies.
Believe it or not, I got 20 credit hours to deal with this semester. Not to mention, a week pack with classes on 8 subjects and lectures till 10 pm:nirvana:.
    Our holiday is due till next month. Haven't write any recipes yet for the upcoming buffet. Need...more...sleep....:sick: I feel very bad of myself for not creating new art to post in here.:cries:
    Really sorry....
  Four more days to go before total freedom. These damn exams stress me much. I did a couple of DMC fanart but losing my mood almost immediately "sadangel". Only four days to go.......
  This week I was bound by heavy schedules and tonnes of assignments. Next month is our final exams!!:jawdrop. Seriously, I haven't prepare anything yet..:sadangel
Adding to this somekind of misery, My laptop was invested by a crazy virus. It *$!*% broke my computer down.
   My installed Adobe photoshop.:frustrated: gone just like that!! What's more frustrating is I have to pay goddamn $70 bucks to fix it!!:shithappens: I couldn't do anything about it and just handed the fat bucks to him..
   Ah, well. At least, half of assignments are done. Now, I have to concentrate on my Mandarin test,,:nirvana:
Currently, I was lagged by exams and tonnes of assignment papers.:nirvana: I haven't got the minute of time to submit anything.:tombstone: But, I did managed to send one..:boogie: And, still it wasn't good enough. Most art(in my childish opinion) that I've done is scribbles on the exam papers. Scanning them? At my place, honey, it cost you a fortune!( 1scan=Rm3.00):sniff:

  Now, I'm feeling a bit happy. I installed adobe photoshop 7.0 on my beatup laptop.::w00t: It's not much of a help(talk about old aged Celeron processor) but hey, I'm looking at the bright side. I was thinking of making a lot of DMC fanarts. So, keep thy fingers crossed..My brain is beginning to plot something evil..:stab:
Darn, being a noob is sure tiring.:confused: But, everything is worth while.:nod: I'm not able to submit anything in my gallery yet(extremely busy this month)^^:. Don't worry or flame me, I'll try my best to fill it up for my visitors to see.:work:
  There are a lot of art students make their debut here.:jawdrop: And, the weirdest thing is I'm not an art student. Well, if people consider cooking is an art. Then, I'll be glad for it.:stupidme:hahahaha..:blushes:
  Anyway, I'm very honored to meet you guys. Especially Ms. Xan. I love your works. I really do. Can't believe to meet you here.:handshake: I did watch the Nescafe kick start tha day but unable to follow up the last part cause my abrupt University offer. Gomen..
   So, I'm currently in visitor mood.:gallery: Really sorry for disturbing by sudden drop by.:aww:"bows down"